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Projar Kitchen Trading is a full service kitchen supplier specializing in bespoke residential kitchen design and installation. From ground-up design and consultancy services to smaller modular installations, the spaces created by Projar Kitchen are built around our customers’ lifestyle and needs.
Projar Kitchen is the exclusive agent of Schroeder Kuechen in the United Arab Emirates.

Schroeder Kuechen

Schroeder Kuechen was founded by Gustav Schröder in 1926 in Bünde, Germany. Today it is  managed by the third generation of family members where tradition and innovation characterise our corporate philosophy. We offer quality products, manufactured with loving attention to detail, promoting a modern, individual and timeless language of design. Our kitchens are  handcrafted to provide our customers with a durable, practical and elegant kitchens.
Projar Luce   Bianco

New Line

Efficient functionality in a young design

Our New-Line delivers a range that not only impresses on account of its efficient functionality but equally in terms of its fresh, visually appealing design. Practical equipment options and a modern look turn our New-Line into a young range at a particularly attractive price.

Premium Line

Top quality and enduring value, style and the love of detail

Our Premium-Line meets the highest quality standards. The outstanding craftsmanship of the various materials enables us to achieve true lasting value, and our extensive product portfolio offers you countless combination options. Loving attention to detail and the individual touch define the style of a genuine Schröder kitchen.

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